Dress Code

The following combinations are allowed:

a)   All solid colors, including plaids, are acceptable for skirts, jumpers, shorts, skorts, dresses and pants.  If applicable, these must meet the 4” rule.   All of the above must not have inappropriate writing, wording, or holes, and they must be worn at waist level.  Denim pants are allowed, including blue jeans.

b)  All colors are acceptable for shirts or sweaters. Shirts may be long sleeved or short sleeved.  Except for small logos, there must be no inappropriate writing or wording.

c)   Appropriate shoes should be worn at all times.

d)  Students are not allowed to possess body piercing except in their ears.       

e)   Warnings about dress code will be sent home to parents. Chronic dress code problems will be addressed with parents.

f)    All new students must be in dress code within 10 school days.

Not Permitted in Grades PreK-5

Garments that include negative sayings

Busting slack

Sweat suits, jogging pants, or leggings (unless worn under shorts, skirts or dresses of the appropriate length)

Baggy, oversized clothing

Halter or tube tops

Spandex, stretch, or form-fitting clothing

Clothing with holes, fringed, or frayed edges (i.e. cut off jeans)

Low cut or revealing clothes

Tank tops

Non jewelry items (ex. Dog collar chains)

Hats, head scarves or other disruptive headgear or head covering unless approved by administration

Clothing with beer, alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug advertisements, vulgar writing, gang related symbols, suggestive scenes, or clothing that displays individuals, bands or groups, or that promotes aggression or violence.

Cargo style pants, sweat pants, overalls, coveralls, leggings, and tight fitting clothing are not allowed.

Due to safety concerns, high heeled shoes, shower shoes, bedroom shoes, and flip flops are not allowed.

Disciplinary Action for Dress Code Violations

1st violation- warning by teacher- note on newsletter

2nd violation- call to parents or change of clothing

3rd violation- referred to counselor- change of clothing

The administration reserves the right to make the final decision relative to appropriate dress. In some cases, parents may be contacted to bring student a change of clothing.

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